Types of Psychology

If you have read the what is psychology page, you'll know that there are multiple and often competing levels of explanation when it comes to understanding behavior.

The aim of this page, therefore, is to try and group different types of psychology into meaningful categories. This page will also act as a hub page for anybody looking for quality information on a particular branch of psychology, or topic area within psychology.

A Word About The Categories

All the different types of psychology listed on this page will be placed in one of three categories. These categories are designed to help people understand the context in which a particular psychology topic is likely to be encountered. As such, they should neither be seen as definitive, nor exhaustive.

Academic Psychology

Types of Academic Psychology

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This category covers the core, often compulsory topics within psychology that students traditionally study when doing a psychology course, degree or program. These are areas within psychology that can draw upon a broad range of related theory and research.

Please note that Psychology Research Methods (another core component of most psychology courses) has its own dedicated area on the website. There is also a page designed to help students studying any of the A Level psychology specifications.

Abnormal Psychology

Biological Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Personality Psychology

Social Psychology

Professional Psychology

Types of Professional Psychology

This category covers areas of psychology that have a distinct career path. All the specialist areas listed below have specific educational and training structures in place which allow people to become officially sanctioned as psychologists.

Clinical Psychology

Counseling Psychology

Educational Psychology

Forensic Psychology

Health Psychology

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

School Psychology

Sport Psychology

Popular Psychology

Types of Popular Psychology

This category covers areas of psychology that arguably may not have the mainstream gravitas of the topics listed in the academic and professional categories but nevertheless can still be considered significant areas of psychological inquiry.

Behavioral Economics

Child Psychology

Cognitive Archaeology

Evolutionary Psychology

Exercise Science


Paranormal Psychology

Positive Psychology

Prison Psychology

Psychology of Laughter

Psychology of Music

Psychological Testing

Transpersonal Psychology

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