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Guestbook Messages

Name: Carla Rosier

From: United States

Date: 27th October 2016

"Great website. I always leave learning something new."

Name: Ted Johnstone

Date: 15th August 2016

"Hello, it's good to be back on your site. I have a lot of reading to do!"

Name: Lisa

Date: 26th May 2016

"Ran across your page on Instagram and followed your link here. I have to say, this site is very helpful, full of great, easy to understand and interesting information. So very glad to have come here! Thank you for putting so much of your heart and soul into this website. I will be here often!"

Name: Matthew Parker

From: United States

Date: 23rd March 2016

"Showing my AP Psychology students your site! Fantastic stuff - keep up the good work! Yours in psychology - M. Parker"

Name: Katie Arndt

From: United States

Date: 3rd December 2015

"I just happened to come across the page while looking for Psychology movies. The world of Psychology makes me so happy and it fascinates me so much. I am working on a Psychology minor along with a music major, and I plan on moving forward with a Psychology degree of some sort as well. I'm so glad that I found this page!"

Name: David Miljkovic

From: Serbia

Date: 2nd November 2015

"I've discovered your site by accident, and man am I happy that I did! I've only recently discovered that I would like to major in psychology one day. It's a really tough road, but I believe that if you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to achieve it. The site really opened some paths for me to study, and hopefully it will keep being helpful later on. Thank you so much for all the work you put into it."

Name: Shannon Johnson

From: United Kingdom

Date: 20th October 2015

"Hello! I'm studying psychology, sociology and law. I was shown this website by a tech employee at Currys and I have to say, I love it! Thanks for being awesome! xxx"

Name: John Rimbere

From: Kenya

Date: 15th July 2015

"Hello. I am a counselling psychology student and I have gained immensely from the materials posted on your website. Kudos!"

Name: Michelle Glawson

From: United States

Date: 11th July 2015

"Very interesting. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science General Psychology."

Name: Patrick Kinas

From: Latvia

Date: 25th June 2015

"Thank you for creating this website, I appreciate the work put into this site. It really extended my knowledge and gave me the realization that Psychology really is what I'm passionate about. Love it!."

Name: Patricia Murphy

From: United States

Date: 16th June 2015

"This seems like a wonderful site. I look forward to coming back and searching again."

Name: Becky Reed

From: United States

Date: 25th May 2015

"Wonderful site. Great interconnectedness with your ebook. Thank you!."

Name: Jass Virl

From: India

Date: 18th May 2015

"This is a very knowledgeable site."

Name: Alessandra

From: Belgium

Date: 22nd October 2013

"Very interesting website. Thanks for sharing so much"

Name: Tara Fahnestock

From: United States

Date: 20th October 2013

"Great site I refer to it a lot as a psych student!"

Name: Felicia Thrasher

From: United States

Date: 8th August 2013

"Thanks for the great information!"

Name: Kim Jesse

From: United States

Date: 4th August 2013

"Interesting site. I could see your love of psychology was put into this site. Found your site by searching for a site to critique for a PsyD class that I am taking. I give you a thumbs up!"

Name: Carole Rochford

From: United Kingdom

Date: 27th June 2013

"What a great site. I'm very impressed and will be reading the Skinner kindle book. Thank you."

Name: Alina Brady

From: United Kingdom

Date: 23rd May 2013

"Thank you for all the work behind creating this site, very useful and helpful!"

Name: Sharon K

From: United States

Date: 17th May 2013

"Hi! Just got here by way of Twitter, which I am new to (@notminnesotan). I am in my bachelor's program in psychology, attending U of Phoenix online. I am so happy to find this website! And I just went and got myself a free Kindle app for my computer, and downloaded David Webb's new book - all for free, which is exactly the right price for starving students :)"

Name: Shannon Francis Chan

From: Philippines

Date: 15th April 2013

"Hi! I'm a Psych major at the University of the Philippines. I would just like to thank everyone who is responsible for managing this very informative website. Psychology ROCKS!"

Name: Yonela Mtsi

From: South Africa

Date: 16th March 2013

"Your website is amazing, thank you."

Name: Mervyn Edwards

From: China

Date: 10th December 2012

"Your site is just jammed packed with wonderful information. I have learnt heaps, thank you so much."

Name: Jessica Leslyn Oidi

From: Philippines

Date: 8th November 2012

"I enjoy this site. :)"

Name: Nancy

From: United States

Date: 22nd August 2012

"Love this site. Just happened across it as I was researching info. for a Psych class I am taking. Keep up the good work!"

Name: Farah Aftab

From: Pakistan

Date: 12th August 2012

"Great site! I love psychology."

Name: Nanemu Evangelin

From: India

Date: 19th July 2012

"I personally appreciate your passion to create awareness in psychology. I am very lucky to have come across your website. I have a feeling that I have hit upon a real treasure hunt of knowledge in psychology. Congratulations sir!"

Name: Mohammad Zia Nassery

From: Afghanistan

Date: 21st June 2012

"I am so interested in psychology, now I am so happy to find your website."

Name: Belen Carrillo

From: United States

Date: 28th April 2012

"Love psychology"

Name: Judy Smith

From: United States

Date: 27th February 2012

"I really liked this website. Not only is it very informative and easy to understand, its also super cool. And I must admit that I LOVED the "Sex on the Brain" page lol :)"

Name: Alan

From: United States

Date: 24th February 2012

"As a therapy counselor, I find your site a handy source for information for ongoing research, training options, and related links."

Name: Mudassar Farrukh

From: Pakistan

Date: 14th February 2012

"Hello, I really appreciate your effort to promote psychology. I am my self a psychologist and I'm always ready to do more for the awareness and betterment of this magical field of life. Thanks and regards."

Name: Rosemary

From: Canada

Date: 29th January 2012

"So enjoy this informative and entertaining site. Thank you for sharing."

Name: Shridhar Purohit

From: India

Date: 17th January 2012

"Website information is great."

Name: Jinky Macabago

From: Philippines

Date: 19th December 2011

"I'm just glad that a former classmate of mine shared this website with us...I'm so totally dumbfounded with the information that this website has in store for us...All the information that I need about psychology is already here...Thanks a lot to the founder of this website."

Name: Madeline Discipulo

From: Philippines

Date: 4th September 2011

"So glad I stumbled upon this site! Real helpful! :] Thanks a bunch, Mr. site founder & developer!"

Name: Silvia Fernandes

From: India

Date: 29th July 2011

"I have to say, your website is IMPRESSIVE! Keep up the good work!"

Name: January Balolong

From: Philippines

Date: 22nd July 2011

"I am glad I found this site and I will keep coming back :)"

Name: Maria Lourdes Baybay

From: Philippines

Date: 21st July 2011

"I love the website! It is very comprehensive and inviting to undergraduate students."

Name: Jane Alagar

From: Philippines

Date: 18th July 2011

"very informative."

Name: Kelley

From: United States

Date: 17th July 2011

"I have always been interested in Psychology; I am so happy I found this site to give me more information."

Name: Catherine Rauscher

From: United States

Date: 10th July 2011

"I've always had a fascination with psychology and am so thrilled to be able to learn psychology for free, with such a prestigious university as Yale. Thanx so much."

Name: Nicoleth

From: Philippines

Date: 7th July 2011

"What a great place! I'm loving the psychology lectures by Dr. Bloom, btw."

Name: Lesley

From: South Africa

Date: 29th June 2011

"Excellent site, have bookmarked it and will be back for more for sure."

Name: Prachi Abrol

From: India

Date: 23rd June 2011

"It's an amazing website :)"

Name: Dwight Ross

From: United Kingdom

Date: 20th June 2011

"Wonderful work you have here. I'm glad that more and more people are starting to make better use of the internet, especially through education. Keep it up!"

Name: Samantha

From: Canada

Date: 18th June 2011

"last night I was working on this project I had for my class when suddenly @psych101 followed me on twitter. It was perfect timing and the links provided everything I needed. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!"

Name: Howard Phoenix

From: Australia

Date: 18th June 2011

"This site has a lot of potential. I've made some of the stuff on your website required reading for my general psychology class, and so far it's been doing good. Keep it up!"

Name: Howard Richards

From: United States

Date: 16th June 2011

"This site was shared to me by a contact in FB, and it's been just great! I might decide to pursue Psychology once I get to college."


Hi Howard, as you found the website via facebook, you might want to check out the All About psychology facebook page as well. Just click on the image or link below.

The All About Psychology Facebook Page

Name: Paolo

From: United States

Date: 16th June 2011

"This is really great! Once I get my next paycheck I'll be sure to get those classic psychology kindle texts as well. :D"

Name: Kristina

From: United States

Date: 15th June 2011

"Very helpful website!"

Name: Huanhuan Wang

From: United Kingdom

Date: 5th June 2011

"Great website!"

Name: Rorie

From: Canada

Date: 25th May 2011

"This will be my most visited website for the next sixty years...Hopefully more!"

Name: Luis

From: Mexico

Date: 18th April 2011

"I just discovered your site and I have to tell you that it is a great site with plenty of information for students. Keep up the great work."

Name: Bashir Idris

From: Nigeria

Date: 31st March 2011

"I am very happy to discover this website."

Name: Steve Abernathy PhD

From: United States

Date: 26th March 2011

"Nice site. I'm a psychologist and I like the page concept."

Name: Swamy Gattupalle

From: India

Date: 22nd March 2011

"This website is very interesting and informative for people who want to know more about the subject. It helps you to explore one's thoughts. Thank you so much. With regards and best wishes."

Name: Celina Bryant

From: United States

Date: 14th March 2011

"I am currently enrolled in Walden's Health Psychology Program and need to be linked with other scholarly professionals in the field."

Name: Tina LaPorte

From: United States

Date: 12th March 2011

"I found your free ebook "Psychology Student Survival Guide" and I'm very thankful I did. The book and this website is giving me the platform to get off to a great start. Can't wait to begin and have the support of all the resources and research results to assist me to the degree that puts the abbreviation behind my name I worked so hard to earn."

Name: John

From: United States

Date: 16th February 2011

"This site is definitely a wonderful resource. Keep on!"

Name: Dhwani Trivedi

From: India

Date: 10th February 2011

"Hey, looking forward to learning about it!"

Name: Kislay Shah

From: India

Date: 7th February 2011

"Thank you very much in deed for uploading such indispensable information on psychology."

Name: Patrícia Wanderley

From: Brazil

Date: 7th February 2011

"Great web page!"

Name: Aditi K

From: India

Date: 2nd February 2011

"I'm really glad to visit this site, it gave a whole new dimension to my knowledge about psychology. This one is surely going in my bookmarks now. Thanks!"

Name: Lucy Watson

From: United Kingdom

Date: 26th January 2011

"I love psychology and anything to do with the mind and peoples' behaviour in life, its fascinating :D"

Name: Sónia Bastos

From: Portugal

Date: 20th January 2011

"Maybe one day I can leave here my real contribution to the psychology world! Greetings for all!"

Name: Swathi Reddy

From: India

Date: 18th January 2011

"This is my favourite web site."

Name: Jenuel Paul Arceo

From: Philippines

Date: 1st January 2011

"Happy new year! Thank you for all the classic psychology publications."

Name: Chris

From: United States

Date: 1st January 2011

"Cool site will come back often."

Name: Prof. Sue Martin (ECE Centennial College)

From: Canada

Date: 25th December 2010

"Thanks for your persepective on psychology."

Name: Esther Azeem

From: Ghana

Date: 14th December 2010

"I love this opportunity to know more about psychology. It's great and thanks to you for making it possible."

Name: Susan Koruthu

From: United Arab Emirates

Date: 7th December 2010

"Very useful site. Thank you for creating it."

Name: Todd Sasser

From: United States

Date: 7th December 2010

"Very well designed web site. I look forward to utilizing this site while obtaining my Bachelors and higher."

Name: Geney Kam

From: Jordan

Date: 3rd December 2010

"I would like to thank you for your efforts in designing such a web site which I found very useful. I hope one day to study Psychology, it's one of my favourite subjects, I read alot about it."

Name: Ranjeet Kapoor

From: India

Date: 3rd December 2010

"Lots of things to dive in here. A great resource of knowledge."

Name: Bishnu

From: India

Date: 29th November 2010

"Great site!"

Name: Gerardo Bodner

From: United States

Date: 18th November 2010

"Great job!"

Name: Jane Angran

From: Indonesia

Date: 17th November 2010

"Great site, I love it!"

Name: Vishnu Murthy

From: India

Date: 17th November 2010

"Thank you for uploading lots of information about psychology"

Name: Katherine Berglund

From: United States

Date: 8th November 2010

"Love your site!"

Name: Albert Lian

From: Singapore

Date: 6th November 2010

"Keep up the good work!"

Name: Raiyan Sarwar

From: Bangladesh

Date: 5th November 2010

"This site was REALLY REALLY helpful! Thank you!"

Name: Shini

From: India

Date: 4th November 2010

"I am happy to know about this site. It's really great!"

Name: Elizabeth Barras

From: United States

Date: 2nd November 2010

"I love this web-site and I hope to help others with their problems as much as this website helped me. Thank you! I am inspired :)."

Name: Hloniphile Msimango

From: South Africa

Date: 28th October 2010

"Hello Mr Webb. This is a great website for students studying psychology, also for those wanting a career in psychology."

Name: Muhammad Asif Javed

From: Pakistan

Date: 17th October 2010

"Informative website."

Name: Udayan Banerjee

From: India

Date: 17th October 2010

"Psychology is more than just 'a field of interest' to me, its my tendency to read peoples' behavior. Thanks very much for providing this website for free :)"

Name: Nacario

From: Philippines

Date: 6th October 2010

"This website is not only helpful to students and scholars but to those who have interests in the fields of psychology. I am a psychology graduate from 13 years ago and since then I have not worked in a related field, neither have I pursued graduate courses making it difficult for me to recall every course I had in college. This website will help me refresh my memory. Thank you for this."

Name: Angel Preyer

From: United States

Date: 6th October 2010

"Extremely interesting!"

Name: Balaa

From: India

Date: 3rd October 2010

"Great site - very useful. Thank you for this."

Name: Tavia

From: United States

Date: 30th September 2010

"I study psychology as a hobby and I really enjoy this site. This site is great. Thanks."

Name: Mohammed Baddar

From: Jordan

Date: 23rd September 2010

"I'm a new Psychology student and I just want to thank for its support and help."


You're very welcome Mohammed. Make sure you get hold of the Psychology Student Survival Guide, which you can download for free via the following link.

Free Psychology Guide

Name: Karen Clare Raguero

From: Philippines

Date: 9th September 2010

"I graduated Psychology two years ago. Although my job is not related to psychology sometimes I feel that I need psychology to better enhance my understanding to myself and the people I interact with everyday.

This site helps me refresh my psychology lessons. I'm planning to take a master's degree in psychology but still I'm undecided on what field I'd like to focus. Hope this site will help enlighten my mind. I'm interested in forensic psychology, but still I'm not sure about it."

Name: Rahul

From: India

Date: 25th August 2010

"I have always found psychology intriguing and compelling. It's my aim to be involved with the wonderful world of the human mind."

Name: Anupam Rawat

From: India

Date: 2nd August 2010

"Hello Mr Webb,

I must say IMPRESSIVE work. I am working in India to make Psychology popular and to bring new techniques for the people. Your website is worth mentioning and referring to people. Will look forward for some new ideas from you. Warm regards."

Name: Ruth

From: United States

Date: 2nd August 2010

"Great information for anyone who would like to pursue a career in the psychology field."

Name: Marianna

From: United Kingdom

Date: 31st July 2010

"Great site!"

Name: Anshum Chhikara

From: India

Date: 4th July 2010

"This is good to find that through your sincere efforts psychology is getting its due recognition. I, myself, am an undergraduate in psychology and everyday I come across various myths about the subject. People often fail to recognise the fact that psychologists are not mind-readers. I strongly feel that this subject has to be explored more so that people would start accepting its importance. Thank You"

Name: Simon

From: Australia

Date: 30th June 2010

"Great site - love the wealth of info."

Name: Wanda

From: United States

Date: 19th June 2010

"Hi, I am glad I found your website. I am working on a Master's degree in psychology and your site looks like a great source for peer-reviewed articles. I look forward to utilizing your site in my studies and as reference."

Name: Gargi Ursekar

From: India

Date: 31st May 2010

"Hi. I Am very happy to have visited your website. I am a practicing psychotherapist in Bombay and my organisation, Counselling And Suicide Prevention Centre is organising a conference in August, 2010 in Bombay, India. We would like to reach out to as many fellow friends all over the world and invite them for our conference, both as participants and faculty. We request you to please let us know if you could mention our conference as part of your site. Once again congratulations for this wonderful website."

Name: Hlobisile Msimang

From: South Africa

Date: 28th May 2010

"I am studying psychology in Unizulu. I like this website because it is useful to psychology students all over the world."

Name: Rave

From: Australia

Date: 22nd May 2010

"I'm a psychology student in Melbourne. Love the idea of this site. keep it up!"

Name: Hannah Misha Morillo

From: Philippines

Date: 17th May 2010

"More power to this site! I have been exploring it and it is such a delight to stumble upon an everything-psychology site. Keep it up!"

Name: Irena Langford

From: United Kingdom

Date: 16th May 2010

"What a great site - I wish I had found it earlier. It would have made my life so much easier, both as a student of my discipline and as a teacher of it.

Well done to the creator(s), a heart-felt thank you, and keep adding to it."

Name: Juarez Alves, Jr.

From: Brazil

Date: 17th April 2010

"I like all this information. I am a brazilian psychology student, actually a freshman in my university. I hope to learn a lot in here. Thanks. All the best, Junior from Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo - Brazil."

Name: Quill

From: United States

Date: 16th April 2010

"This site is incredible! I am interested in psychology, and this site is very useful."

Name: Sandeep Paidipelli

From: India

Date: 14th April 2010

"This site is very good."

Name: Claire Goddard

From: Canada

Date: 29th March 2010

"Wow!! I LOVE this site! I am a Psychology student and I stumbled upon this website and it is amazing! You have done a fantastic job! It is full of very informational gems, it is clear, user friendly and full of helpful and detailed information. This must have taken a lot of effort to put together and your hard work paid off. Outstanding accomplishment!! Thanks for all you did."

Name: Frederick Husbands

From: Barbados

Date: 23rd March 2010

"Hi, I am a Management major, Psychology minor student, and I find the site to be useful in my studies. keep the good work up."

Name: Manyalleng Macheli

From: Lesotho

Date: 15th March 2010

"I actually subscribed to receive a newsletter to this site a while back but forgot all about it, then I got one today and started going through the site. Its an amazing site and I'm beyond glad I found it. Keep up the good work!"

Name: Patricia Hickman

From: United States

Date: 13th March 2010

"I found this site through the All About forensic psychology site. I am a student and so grateful to have found these comprehensive sites! Thank you."


Hi Patricia,

Don't forget to check out the other website in the series, All About forensic science

Name: Wes

From: United States

Date: 10th March 2010

"In my Favs!"

Name: Tunji

From: Nigeria

Date: 2nd March 2010

"I actually stumbled upon this site a couple of minutes ago, and I have to say it contains a treasure trove of information I long sought. I have the complete idiot's guide to psychology and I am looking for more. Currently considering a career change form accountancy to psychology. I need all the help I can get."

Name: Phumeza Mthembu

From: South Africa

Date: 1st March 2010

"Keep up the good work."

Name: Joel

From: United Kingdom

Date: 26th February 2010

"Great stuff on this site. Hope to read more soon (:"

Name: Martyna Marmaite

From: Denmark

Date: 24th February 2010

"Hello, I like psychology so I really enjoyed your website. I found you because I was looking for universities to study sports psychology. I found universities of USA and UK. I think you should add the universities of all Europe where you can study psychology in English. Best regards :)"


Hi Martyna,

That's a great idea, I'll start putting a degree directory together. Do you know of any Universities in Denmark where you can study psychology in English?

Name: Sanya Batra

From: India

Date: 10th February 2010

"I am so thrilled to find this site. I am very young, I'm still in school. Hope this will be very helpful and make me less confused about how to be the kind of psychologist I want to be. And like Janhavi, I can get away from social networking sites and I love reading as well. Thank you."

Name: Christos Christopoulos

From: Greece

Date: 8th February 2010

"Congratulations! Keep up your nice work!"

Name: Octavio Martinez

From: Mexico

Date: 23rd January 2010

"Hello David,

I have always been fascinated with psychology and had the opportunity to study it in the 4th semester here in Mexico, I really miss the University. Since then I was intensely searching for information that could keep me up to date because I'm planning to get back to school ASAP.

Now that I have found your web site, I´m so happy because I can continue studying by my self and I really appreciate the information given.

Thanks a lot David,

Kind regards,"

Name: Janhavi Sharma

From: India

Date: 13th January 2010

"Hello David,

Kudos to you, for putting up this amazing website. I am a student of psychology from India, and presently in the final year of my graduation. And your website proved very helpful to me, so much that I got rid of my facebook addiction and now use the internet constructively. Thanks.:)"

Name: Tara

From: Australia

Date: 12th January 2010

"Great website, very glad to stumble apon this site, great info and hours worth of knowledge, reading and interesting stuff. Well done! :)"

Name: Austen

From: United States

Date: 10th January 2010

"This website was very helpful for my research project. Thanks!"

Name: Kehinde Ojewumi

From: Nigeria

Date: 6th January 2010

"Am really happy I came across your website this morning. It's actually a one stop shop for me. I have also introduced it to my colleagues and some students. Do keep it up. How can I join the site?"


Hi Kehinde

You can subscribe to the site for free - see details on how to do this at the bottom of the navigation (menu) on the left (directly below the "Contact Me" button).

I use Twitter to let people know about all the latest updates on the All About Psychology Website. See following link for details.

All the best


Name: Thomas Crown

From: United States

Date: 13th December 2009

"I have just scratched the surface of your site. I love it. Not that you have any shortage of fans. The way you have pictures for every question and subject I find very impressive. along with the over all design of the site.

some feed back: In the Q&A section I would like to go back (navigate easier). also, I would like to see more answers to questions. I'm suggesting more user participation. Marketing, popularity of site, etc.

With how brilliant your site is, I have ever confidence that this will be accomplished.

Many thanks.


Hi Thomas

Thanks for your feedback and the positive comments about the website - much appreciated.

In terms of the navigation from the Q & A pages there is a "return to" link on each page to get you back to where you were.

Over 100 answers/comments/replies have been posted in response to the 270 questions currently listed. Hopefully this response figure will increase as more people discover the website.

I've tried to make the All About Psychology website as easy to share as possible. At the bottom of each page there is a Share this page box where visitors can add the psychology website to their favorite social bookmarking location. This box also has a Enjoy this page? Please pay it forward feature which allows people with their own website/blog to link to the All About Psychology website."

Word or mouth helps too, so don't forget to let anybody interested/studying psychology know about the website.

All the best


Name: Hazel Alma Olfin

From: South Africa

Date: 5th December 2009

"I would very much like to learn about people, what they think, and how and why they react differently to life's situations"

Name: Shawn Armstrong

From: United States

Date: 3rd November 2009

"Great informational page on psychology."

Name: Val Rimmer

From: Australia

Date: 14th October 2009

"David, thank you so much for your guidance, I really appreciate your time."

Name: Adeniyi Oladapo Olalekan

From: Nigeria

Date: 17th September 2009

"I love this website."

Name: Rima Hammond

From: UK

Date: 8th September 2009

"I love the website and the amount of available information, very good job, thanks everyone who is trying so hard for us!"

Name: Ahmed Galal

From: Egypt

Date: 3rd September 2009

"Thank you for the effort to achieve this website."

Name: Thelma

From: Nigeria

Date: 30th July 2009

"I love this site, it has been helpful to me and has made me want to know more about psychology."

Name: Maranda

From: United States

Date: 8th July 2009

"I loved every thing on this website! I am now considering becoming a psychologist. :)"

Name: Jollen Mwaba

From: Zambia

Date: 13th June 2009

"I like psychology and would want learn it when I have money one day."


Hi Jollen

There is a learn psychology for free page on the website which you can access via the following link.

Learn Psychology

Name: Kenny Ojewumi

From: Nigeria

Date: 10th June 2009

"Came across your site while searching for materials for my students and it was very useful. Keep up the good work."

Name: Kenya

From: United States

Date: 1st June 2009

"I am a high school psychology student, and this site has been extremely helpful to me."

Name: Rahul Shaw

From: India

Date: 5th May 2009

"Very good site"

Name: Haneesha Babu

From: India

Date: 7th April 2009

"Excellent website."

Name: Erin

From: Canada

Date: 22nd March 2009

"Hello, I'm a 17 year old student in NS. I've been interested in studying psychology for a couple years now, and have recently been accepted into university to do psyc as a BSC, starting this coming fall. This site has proven to be an informative and interesting guide in the field, and I would like to thank you for taking the time to keep it up and running."

Name: Kathryn

From: United States

Date: 5th February 2009

"Hello. I have very much enjoyed browsing your website. Although I am only a high school student, I feel as though psychology is my passion and absolutely love learning about it. Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with me."

Name: Palani

From: India

Date: 5th February 2009

"Nice site to be viewed."

Name: Gill Ellis

From: UK

Date: 28th January 2009

"Excellent site well done, keep up the hard work."

Name: Kristelle

From: Singapore

Date: 11th January 2009

"Hi Mr. Webb,

First of all.. WOW. Just WOW. For creating such a comprehensive website. Its staggering to think how much effort you must have put in. But then again I feel you wouldn't consider it daunting work, because your passion for Psychology sure shines through.

I'm at a stage in my life where I have to make decisions regarding my future and my career and all that. (I'm 19.) Up till now I have been pretty directionless regarding this, but I've always thought of psychology as the one area I could be genuinely interested in. I love thinking about well, thinking. Of behaviour. Of complex social ties. I guess what I really want to say is that coming across this website only made my choice clearer. I can see the direction I'm going. It's all very inspirational, especially the messages in your guestbook. I admit I've havent fully perused all the links you've provided, but rest assured I will. There is so much I can learn here, which will no doubt aid me with my studies, with the options I can take when I further specialise.

So thank you, Mr.Webb. It must be fulfilling to be able to have so much job satisfaction and be able to help, or at least reach out and affect, so many people. I hope someday I'll be able to do this too. I'll work towards it. Have a great day :)

Sincerely, Kristelle (Ms.), Singapore."

Name: Dina Jones

From: United States

Date: 8th January 2009

"I stumbled upon this site and am excited to read the interesting things you've compiled. I am considering pursuing my master's in psych but have not narrowed down a specific field yet. I'm sure this site will have lots of good information to lead me in the right direction. So, thanks in advance."

Name: Vikram Erra

From: India

Date: 8th January 2009

"Nice site. I would like to sign your guestbook. Best of luck."

Name: Mena

From: United States

Date: 5th January 2009

"Hello, I love this site. I am always researching on Psychology and criminal psychology and this page gives me a lot of information. Thank you for coming up with page. It's awesome."


Hi Mena. If you're interested in criminal psychology, you might also want to take a look at my forensic psychology website.

Name: Cheryl Anderson

From: United States

Date: 6th November 2008

"This is my first time on this website. I am a freshman studying to become a Counseling Psychologist. I am researching different aspects on how the online world can benefit this particular field. I have to say that this is indeed an awesome and incredible site. I will be on site more often. KUDOS TO YOU!!!

Thanks for making my journey just a little bit brighter" :-)

Name: Stacey McCall

From: United States

Date: 31st October 2008

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful site."

Name: Frederick Husbands

From: Barbados

Date: 8th October 2008

"Hello, I stumbled across this website whilst searching on a topic and found some useful things to use in my psychology studies. Thanks"

Name: Paul Galway

From: Spain

Date: 23rd September 2008

"David, had a quick look around the website - very impressive! Will discuss further when I see you next. Best Wishes Paul."


Really pleased you like the website Paul, don't forget to check out the forensic psychology and forensic science websites as well (see following links).

forensic psychology

forensic science

Name: Grace

From: Singapore

Date: 17th September 2008

"I'm new to psychology and truly enjoy reading your website. It is very well organized, informative and easy to understand. Thanks!"

Name: Khejjou Ismail

From: Morocco

Date: 13th August 2008

"I have found this web site very interesting. I want to learn more about psychology and I would be grateful if anyone could help me with other web sites that I can visit. Thank you in advance."


Hi Khejjou.

Check out the psychology links page (see following link). You'll find plenty of high quality psychology websites to choose from here.

psychology links



Name: Hjalmar Breit

From: United States

Date: 7th August 2008

"Nice site. Very user-friendly and helpful."

Name: Veronica Reynolds

From: United Kingdom

Date: 7th August 2008

"I am just beginning to explore your site and my initial impression is, what a great source of information. Thank you."

Name: Eribaldy Jimenez

From: Dominican Republic

Date: 22nd July 2008

"Very Interesting website about psychology."

Name: Ismail Khejjou

From: Morocco

Date: 17th July 2008

"I am doing a Master's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. I am very much interested in learning about Psychology and It was great to come across this web site."

Name: Sarah

From: United States

Date: 27th June 2008

"Great and helpful information!"

Name: Kyle Patrick Ribo

From: Philippines

Date: 14th June 2008

"I'm not a psychology major student, but I find my psychology subject pretty interesting. Amazingly, while I am doing research on that subject, I found this site...tnx!! It will help me a lot!"

Name: Shahd El-Mentry

From: New Zealand

Date: 3rd June 2008

"This was really interesting, thanks."

Name: Dimitra Kostoula

From: Greece

Date: 15th May 2008

"Happy to visit such an interesting site!! Thanks!"

Name: Hazel

From: USA

Date: 14th May 2008

"I just joined the website. I hope to learn alot about psychology. I'm in school for medical billing and coding and we discussed human relations for a few days and psychology was brought up and it peeked my interest.

Thank You."

Name: Danny Khuu

From: USA

Date: 13th May 2008

"Psychology is awesome!"

Name: Soma Sundar

From: India

Date: 13th May 2008


Name: Prince Riere Okoro

From: Nigeria

Date: 6th May 2008

"Keep up the good work!"

Name: Nhlakanipho Nkwanyana

From: South Africa

Date: 25th April 2008

"Thanks for showing us this information. I'm from Unizulu and this is my first year in psychology and I'm very interested in it."

Name: Sydney Bel

From: Canada

Date: 24th April 2008

"Helped a lot to see how psychology and the behavior of human beings affects life and people's career plans, so thanks!"

Name: Gaston Weisz

From: USA

Date: 23rd April 2008

"Hi. This site looks rather interesting. I'm a psychologist also with a website. I've got a podcast, message board and wiki too. Come check it out and feel free to contribute."

Name: Lizzy Obi

From: Nigeria

Date: 16th April 2008

"Hi, I'm a student at the University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. I'm studying linguistics although I'm taking an elective course on psychology. I wanted to know some things & so I had to log on to this website. I'll always come back whenever I have questions or contributions to make. Thanks."

Name: Kareena Jamal Brown

From: Malaysia

Date: 11th April 2008

"What a brilliant website. I am new to this subject and very much interested in counseling psychology. More info on this perhaps? Cheers"


Hi Kareena, I'm hoping to add a dedicated counseling psychology page to the site in due course.


There is now a page dedicated to counseling psychology on the website (see following link).

counseling psychology

Name: Helen Treacy

From: Ireland

Date: 6th April 2008

"What a wonderful resource. I look forward to seeing your site flourish."

Name: Faiqa Sajid

From: Pakistan

Date: 26th March 2008

"Thank you very much for providing such a good source for getting information about Psychology. Actually I am totally new to this subject and I want to study this subject in detail. This website has really helped me alot. Best Wishes, Faiqa."

Name: Cammy Torgenrud

From: United States

Date: 15th March 2008

"Always looking for a good resource for students. Thanks for adding the "heavy" and the "light"."

Name: Adenike Adegbayi

From: Nigeria

Date: 14th March 2008

"This is a great website and a resourceful one at that. I'm a sophomore in a Nigerian University and the project help part came in handy. Is there any way I could get updates in my mailbox? keep up the good work."

Hi Adenike. The best way to keep-up-to-date is to subscribe to the free All About Psychology Newsletter (see following link)

All About Psychology Newsletter

Name: Charlene Nineham

From: UK

Date: 13th March 2008

"Very interesting, especially the book recommendations."

Name: Cara Freeman

From: United States

Date: 10th March 2008


Name: Bart Dohrmann

From: United States

Date: 10th March 2008

"Psychology is awesome...peace"

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