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10 Things You Should Know About Psychology

10 Just For Fun Things You Should Know About Psychology

Welcome to the '10 Things You Should Know About Psychology' page, an irreverent guide to the wonderful world of psychology. The 10 (just for fun) Things You Should Know About Psychology listed below represent the first in a series, so watch this space for 10 Things You Should Know About Sigmund Freud, 10 Things You Should Know About being a psychology student etc.

If you study psychology people assume you know what they are thinking. Don't disillusion them, you can have a lot more fun that way.

Psychology is listed on the Wikipedia Commonly misspelled words page (psycology).

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Psychology can be used to treat a wide range of phobias, particularly the irrational fear of sitting on lounge furniture, thanks to the number of armchair psychologists out there.

Mind, Drugs & ID (but ironically not sex) are all words that can be formed from the letters in Sigmund Freud's name.

Psychology has a long history of sensitively informing public awareness campaigns.

The difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is basically drugs and around $20,000 a year.

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The difference between a psychologist and a sociologist is usually a beard.

The majority of young psychology students are female, the majority of old psychology lecturers are male. Correlation study anyone!

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Psychology experiments were way cooler when you could call people subjects and didn't have to worry about ethics!

You should never use reverse psychology, it's not big, it's not clever and it's downright offensive. Please DO NOT click play on the following video.

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