Global Mental Health Symposium, June 20-21, London, UK

Global Mental Health Symposium

Unlock new perspectives on mental well-being at a free 2-day symposium co-hosted by the University of Portsmouth, London, and Sofia University (USA). This event brings together a diverse lineup of experts, practitioners, government officials, and world-renowned scholars. Dive into multidisciplinary, holistic, and practical approaches to mental health. With limited places available, don't miss this unique opportunity to enrich your professional knowledge and network with leaders in the field. Secure your free spot HERE today! Or via the QR code below.

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Hello, many thanks for visiting. My name is David Webb and I am the owner, writer and host of three websites built around my teaching and research interests; including All-About-Psychology.Com which receives over a million visits a year. A passionate promoter of quality psychological content through social media, over 850,000 follow my Facebook Page and I'm featured on the British Psychological Society list of the 100 most followed psychologists and neuroscientists on Twitter. A best selling author, my published work includes: The Psychology Student GuideThe Incredibly Interesting Psychology Book and On This Day in Psychology.

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If you're new to psychology and interested in finding out what it's all about make sure you check out the What is Psychology page. If you're looking for quality information and resources on a particular branch of psychology, head over to the Types of Psychology section of the website. If you want something fascinating to read, you'll love this collection of Psychology Articles by leading academics and researchers.

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The psychology Q & A page is a knowledge sharing resource where anybody can ask or answer a question relating to the fascinating world of psychology.

Psychology Q & A is open to anybody and is designed to be a place where people with an interest in psychology can come along to help and be helped. So, if you have a psychology related question, ask away and if you think you can answer any of the psychology questions, please do so. You can check out the psychology Q & A page via the following link.

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One of the great things about launching All-About-Psychology.Com is that it has given me the opportunity to interview psychology experts from across a diverse range of subject areas. You can access this great collection of interviews via the following link.

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ADHD Planner for Adults

With 206 pages, this 8.5 by 11 inches ADHD planner for adults offers a comprehensive daily roadmap to managing ADHD symptoms while enhancing psychological well-being. Every feature has been thoughtfully curated, drawing on scientifically informed best practices and tailored specifically to the needs of adults with ADHD. The ADHD planner for adults is available on Amazon via the following link.

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10 Memes Psychology Students Will Love

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