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Psychology News - May 2016

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The All About Psychology Newsletter

Psychology Newsletter

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A very warm welcome to the latest edition of the All About Psychology Newsletter.


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Latest News

Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology

(Image by Davi Sommerfeld via flickr)

I recently added a Sport Psychology page to the types of psychology section of the website. See following link to learn all about this fascinating and professionally recognized field of psychology.

Sport Psychology

Expert Q & A 

Barbara Masser

Barbara Masser is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland. She has over 60 papers and reports examining applied social psychological problems. Her work focuses on how jurors perceive victims of sexual assault, and how beliefs about gender influence people’s perceptions more broadly. You can access the interview with Dr. Masser via the following link.

Barbara Masser Interview

Top Resource

Brain Facts

Brain Facts

Produced by the Society for Neuroscience, Brain Facts, is a 95-page primer on the brain and nervous system which includes information on brain development, learning and memory, language, neurological and psychiatric illnesses, potential therapies, and more.

You can download this excellent free resource via the Biological Psychology page. See following link.

Biological Psychology

Food For Thought

Great quotes that make you think!

Great Quote by Carol Dweck

Did You Know?

Fab facts all psychology lovers should know!

B.F. Skinner National Medal of Science

At a ceremony at the White House in 1969, President Lyndon B. Johnson presented B. F. Skinner with The National Medal of Science, "For basic and imaginative contributions to the study of behavior which have had profound influence upon all psychology and many related areas." 

The National Medal of Science is the United States Government's highest award for distinguished achievement in science.

Information via:

On This Day in Psychology: A Showcase of Great Pioneers and Defining Moments

Just For Fun

What's your favorite psychology study?

The Bobo Doll Experiment

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