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Occupational Psychology

Work Psychology

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What is Occupational Psychology?

In helping to define occupational psychology, The British Psychological Society notes that it is "concerned with the performance of people at work in training, how organisations function and how individuals and small groups behave at work. The aim is to increase the effectiveness of the organisation, and to improve the job satisfaction of the individual."

Outside the UK, however, "occupational psychology" may be an unfamiliar term because as Peter Warr informs us, psychology that deals with people at work has also been labelled "industrial", "work", "organizational", and "industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology.

For the purpose of consistency, "occupational psychology" is the dominant label on this page, however, the page has been built with all of the possible labels in mind.

Career Advice & Information

This section of the occupational psychology page contains information links for anybody interested in becoming an occupational psychologist, or anybody wanting to find out more about what occupational psychologists do.

This information will relate predominately to the practice of occupational-psychology in the USA & UK; however, I hope to include related information from other countries in due course.


Maximizing Human Potential Within Organizations

Insightful information brochure published by the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology. The brochure covers the I-O field and its many aspects and comes in two forms; one for the general public, and the other targeted towards students.

Click Here to download Maximizing Human Potential Within Organizations.


The British Psychological Society

Click Here for information on:

  • The Role of The Occupational-Psychologist
  • How Much Occupational Psychologists Get Paid
  • Becoming An Occupational-Psychologist
  • Obtaining Relevant Work Experience

  • Recommended Reading

    Psychology Applied to Work by Paul M. Muchinsky

    Book Description

    Now in its eighth edition, psychology applied to work has established itself as the standard for textbooks in introductory industrial and organizational psychology. Written by Paul Muchinsky, a recognized expert and award winning teacher, this text provides the most comprehensive resource available for I/O students: A research-based text coupled with the most relevant and contemporary applications of today's workplace issues.

    Case studies, field notes, and real company examples in every chapter illustrate and bring to life the relevance of I/O psychology to students' daily lives.

    See following link for more details:

    Psychology Applied to Work (with Study Guide)

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