Testing Times: Psychologist At Work

Professor Peter Saville

Testing Times: Psychologist At Work by Professor Peter Saville

'Testing Times: Psychologist at Work' is essential reading for those interested in Business Psychology, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Charting the career and life, of one of the most influential psychologists of our time, from early medical trauma to managing dyslexia, ‘Testing Times’ traces Professor Saville's personal and professional journey across reformation of the Occupational Psychology industry.

Interview With Professor Peter Saville

This book is not only moving but also a fantastic read about the career & life of stellar psychologist Peter Saville, who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of occupational psychology and to business. Professor Sir Cary Cooper (Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester)

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Described in The World Anthology of Psychology as, "One of the most influential Psychologists of our time", Peter Saville is a highly acclaimed pioneer and thought leader within multiple professions and fields of study, including business psychology, occupational psychology and psychometrics. Over 50 million of his personality, aptitude and motivation tests are used annually to improve the selection, development and wellbeing of people at work and his tests and questionnaires, are used in over 80 countries globally in more than 60 languages. 

After a degree of Psychology from the University of Leicester, Peter Saville joined the Test Division of the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), rising through the ranks from Assistant Psychologist to Chief Psychologist by the age of 27. In 1997 Peter founded SHL (Saville and Holdsworth Ltd), working from his home in Claygate, Surrey, he created the Occupational Personality Questionnaires (OPQ) which in 1984 included the first commercially available Big 5 personality measure; the model now used extensively by academics worldwide to research personality. SHL was floated on the main London Stock Exchange in 1997, Peter being voted one of the UK’s Top Entrepreneurs by Enterprise Magazine in 1998. His company SHL was later bought for $650 million US. After an acrimonious EGM, he left SHL to form his second company, Saville Assessment where he developed the Saville Wave questionnaire, then the most valid personality questionnaire for predicting job success. He sold Saville Assessment to Towers Watson in 2016.

Seeing further opportunities, he founded 10x Psychology to advance the field by using machine-learning and predictive analytics, with yet more valid assessment techniques. Peter Saville has been International Consultant Psychologist to Mensa, The United Nations, and his companies, to over 80 percent of the Footsie 100. The British Psychological Society, on giving him their highest award, referred to him as, ‘Flying the Flag for Britain’ and establishing ‘The Global Gold Standard for Psychometric Tests.’ Peter has both Masters and Doctorate degrees in Psychology and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science from Kingston University where he is Professor of Leadership and Entrepreneurial studies. Previously he was Professor of Psychology at Queens University, Belfast. Living in Surrey, Peter has three sons and two daughters and is married to Jemaine, previously a social worker in child protection. His interests include sport, politics, music and military history.

You can learn more about Professor Peter Saville by visiting testing-times-book.com and you can connect with him online via LinkedIn

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