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Mental Health Question

Photo Credit: Xeeliz

Photo Credit: Xeeliz

Someone I knew once described to me that sometimes he felt as though he had 12 tv channels switched on in his head at once. He had some medication which he said reduced the number to three. What conditions might that describe and what medications might have been prescribed?

In such situations, is need for medication usually long-term/permanent or short-term?

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Feb 17, 2011
by: tracee

ADHD. I was diagnosed a while back. It makes you feel like you have 847037893606406 billion thoughts going in and out of your brain and its very hard to focus. Sometimes it made me anxious and I could never get sleep. I take vyvanse now and I'm doing much better. It has definitely helped slow my mind and allowed me to relax and focus.

Jul 17, 2009
Mental Health Information
by: David

You should be able to get the answers to your questions via the mental health section of this website (see following link).

Mental Health

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