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Childcare Research

by Tatyana

Photo Credit: Ciaran & Deborah Hennessy

Photo Credit: Ciaran & Deborah Hennessy

Good day! I'm a psychologist and a student of Moscow State University. I'm writing a diploma. The topic of my diploma is associated with features of parent-child relationships in families with a nanny and without one.

I am interested in the role of babysitters in childcare (primary school age), especially in the child`s relationship to the baby sitter. I'm interested in revealing features of child-parent relationships, child rearing style, the ratio of positions nurse and parents through the eyes of a child in families with and without nurse.

In this regard, I am in dire need of literature and data of American and British research on this topic. I'll be so grateful for any help in finding information of interest to me!

Many thanks!

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