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Child Psychology Question

Photo Credit: robinn

Photo Credit: robinn

I have a 4 and 1/2 year-old boy who is fascinated with the macabre. I am hoping it is a theme phase like my older son's interest with superheroes, but I do worry.

He call's himself "Evan kill-Monsters", he is aways talking about monsters and zombies with "messed-up" necks. He draws monsters and zombies and ghosts and blood when others are drawing ant farms and cars.

He does have an affectionate caring side for bugs and animals, but when he gets mad at his brothers and some other children, he has said things like "I'm gonna kill you!" or "I hope you get chopped-up!". We talk to him about not saying those things because we do not hurt others or threaten. He attends church on a regular basis to learn about caring for others.

He's about to start pre-k this year and I wonder if there will be problems. He has not physically harmed anyone. Should I simply ignore and re-direct with the morbid themes, or is it more serious?

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