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by Alex
(Winnipeg, Mb, Canada)

Photo Credit: robinn

Photo Credit: robinn

My friend "Justin" has a 3 year old son, who has recently been acting strangely. His ability to walk and run and hold himself up and balance, has been deteriorating rapidly, and physical tests show no signs of it being a medical problem.

I asked my mom about it, and she said that sometimes physical responses can be caused by psychological problems. The way she put it was maybe the boy had been traumatized by something, seen or heard or experienced something, that would cause this behavior. I really am not sure what to think, as I don't know very much about child psychology, but I do know that the little boy has been through a tough time lately, with his parents splitting up, and his father moving away.

Could my mom be onto something? And if yes, is there any way to know for sure? Is there anything I could do to help?

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