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Borderline Personality Disorder

by Lindsay

Photo Credit: Xeeliz

Photo Credit: Xeeliz

I'm 16 and my emotions have always been over the top and so I looked up emotional issues and came across this disorder. I have most of the symptoms but I can't seem to find what it is in simple terms.

My mom thinks its hormones but if it's been going on since I was really little could it still be that? I don't have any really good relationships because I always get mad for no reason and when I do it's like a bomb going off. I'm the worst with my dad. I'll be perfectly fine and I love my dad but then something happens and all of a sudden I hate him and I only hate him for maybe an hour or two. Then it goes back to normal again.

I've always freaked out if I had to spend the night at a friends or even my cousin's and were like best friends. I remember thinking when I was little that my parents were going to leave if I stayed away from them. It was impossible though because my parents loved me and the still do, them leaving still scares me sometimes though. My mood swings in general are crazy. I'll go from fine and happy to depressed. How I see myself is bad. I see myself as worthless and ugly, even though everyone tells me that it's not true. I have times where I feel as if I've been pulled away from the world and I'm watching it through third person or that I'm just empty.

When my emotions get out of control or I feel empty I self harm, ya I know it's not good to do that but it's the only thing that helps. I come back if I feel empty and if my emotions are crazy it helps me cope.

In simple terms what is Borderline Personality Disorder? Does it look as if I might have it? Is it possible to determine if I have it since I'm only 16?

Please help, I'm so confused.

All About Psychology Reply

Hi Lindsay,

The National Institute of mental Health has information on Borderline Personality Disorder which includes an overview of symptoms, treatments, and research findings. You can access this information by Clicking Here.

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