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Recent Articles

  1. Nicolaus Copernicus: Today in the History of Psychology (19th February 1473)

    Feb 19, 17 10:00 AM

    Nicolaus Copernicus was born. His heliocentric proposition that the sun rather than the earth is at the centre of the universe had a profound and far-reaching impact on the development and application…

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  2. Fritz Heider: Today in the History of Psychology (18th February 1896)

    Feb 18, 17 10:00 AM

    Fritz Heider was born. A pioneering psychologist, Heider applied Gestaltist principles to develop landmark theories within the field of social perception and causal attribution. Among his best known w…

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  3. Sir Ronald Fisher: Today in the History of Psychology (17th February 1890)

    Feb 17, 17 10:00 AM

    Sir Ronald Fisher was born. An eminent geneticist, Fisher made an unparalleled contribution to modern statistics, experimental design and scientific inference.

    Fisher not only pioneered the developmen…

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