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Memes Psychology Students Will Love

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10 Memes Psychology Students Will Love

10 More Memes Psychology Students Will Love

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  1. Louis Thurstone: Today in the History of Psychology (29th May 1887)

    May 29, 17 10:00 AM

    Louis Leon Thurstone was born. A world renowned psychometrician, Thurstone was instrumental in advancing the influence of quantitative psychology during the first half of the twentieth century.


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  2. Psychology Expert Interviews

    May 29, 17 05:19 AM

    Psychology Expert Q & A: Fascinating interviews with experts spanning a range of psychology topic areas.

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  3. Peter Kinderman Interview

    May 29, 17 05:17 AM

    Fascinating Q & A with British Psychological Society President Peter Kinderman, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool.

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