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Exercise Science

Exercise Science

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What is Exercise Science?

The American College of Sports Medicine defines Exercise Science as 'an umbrella term used to describe the study of numerous aspects of physical activity, exercise, sport, and athletic performance that have the common characteristic of movement and the adaptations that occur as a result of physical activity and regular exercise.'

As such, exercise science incorporates a number of applied areas of interest, including:

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Physiology 
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness Strategies
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Rehabilitation

Excellent Career Opportunities

Exercise Science Careers

Exercise Science Career Resources

Graduate Training and Career Possibilities in Exercise and Sport Psychology

Pursuing a Career in Sport and Performance Psychology

Professional Resources for Sport and Exercise Psychology

Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others

Informative talk by psychologist Dr. Emily Balcetis who shows that when it comes to fitness, some people quite literally see the world differently from others — and offers a surprisingly simple solution to overcome these differences.

Recommended Reading

Sport and Exercise Science: An Introduction by Dean A. Sewell, Philip Watkins and Murray Griffin.

Sport and Exercise Science: An Introduction provides a broad-based foundation in the major areas that underpin the scientific study of sport and exercise science, thus helping undergraduate students to develop a sound understanding of human anatomy, physiology, nutrition, metabolism, biomechanics and psychology related to sport, exercise and health. 

It includes a range of useful features in every chapter, including clear explanations of key concepts, colour diagrams and photographs, activities and summaries to reinforce understanding, and on-line support materials for lecturers such as question and image banks. This is the essential companion text for any student studying sport and exercise science at degree level.

See following link for full details.

Sport and Exercise Science: An Introduction

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