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What is it Called When....?

by Dating Oversharer

Photo Credit: Texas T's

Photo Credit: Texas T's

Hi, I am dating someone who constantly talks about body functions. It's embarrassing in public and turns me off.


A. At dinner orders "Gas water" (instead of the words 'sparkling' or 'carbonated')

B. "I'm sorry, I need to get off the phone, I really need to go to the bathroom." (instead of saying, Hey, Can I call you back?)

C. On one of our first dates even when we came back to go to sleep, just flat-out said to me "So what do I do if I'm gassy?"

D. When he talks to other people about how much he loves that I have a dog, says that "He's really great" and then normally immediately describes the first time he walked him where "He just started to poop right there on the sidewalk" - not really novel concept to most city-people, nor what people casually talk to others about.

What about, how the dog is amazing because he runs so fast, or jumps so high, or is obedient, or makes everyone smile...loves kids...sorry, but now he has a new story he goes into that "it's amazing how when he pees he gets his leg up sooo high". I mean, come on!

E. Recently, he left the table, came back and said, "Sorry, but it just really hit me". And we are squished between two tables who literally stopped in motion - and he didn't even notice.

This at least did not use any describing words as I had already let him know for two months how uncomfortable and unsexy that is for me - but still he feels the urge to announce such "events". I just really don't understand why, and have heard before that there is a term for this.

Gosh, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really don't know how much longer I can date him because of this. It's like he's proud of accomplishing anything. Self absorbed maybe, selfish maybe...How do you describe this? It's so strange for me.

Or really, am I the problem here. Is this normal and it's MY upbringing that did not involve this so I'm just not use to it, and I'm being too critical? Really, it's OK to tell me that too, because that's why I've (for the first time) asked the public this.

Thanks for helping me out with this, as I really have to deal with this every time I spend time with him - phone or physical.

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