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Unusual Thoughts

by Sophia

Photo Credit: Laura Billings

Photo Credit: Laura Billings

Hello All. For a couple of weeks I've being having some unusual thoughts. For example. While I'm boiling water on the gas stove, I imagine keeping my hand in hot water/milk. And whenever I stand in my corridor, unknowingly I will imagine jumping from my third floor.

Please let me know what is the main reason behind these kind of thoughts. Am I psychologically weak? Or am I worrying about something?

Thanks in advance to all.

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So glad to hear back from you!
by: Mom of 2, blah, blah, blah :)

Hi Sophia,

Its so great to hear back from you and to know you're doing well! I'm also thrilled to hear that my response was of some help to you and would certainly like to learn more about your progress.

One thing I realized when I re-read my response, was that I failed to mention why your post caught my eye. That's because I have also experienced very similar thoughts before and, like you, I was very puzzled by them. I happened to experience these thoughts during my first pregnancy (which was I mentioned the possibility of hormonal changes playing a part).

Whatever the case, please know you are not alone and, as is true with all things in life, "this too shall pass". Please do not hesitate to let me know if I can be of any further assistance and, if you'd prefer, I'd be happy to connect with you via email or, possibly, via FB, etc. -- just in case you'd prefer more privacy.

All my best,

Mom of 2

Unwanted Urges
by: Anonymous

I have thoughts like that occasionally, too.

For example, I have had momentary urges to run my finger through a band-saw, step in front of an oncoming car, stick a pin in my eye...

My advice is to just resist that split second idea, and it will pass.

Thank you!
by: Sophia


Thank you very much for your sincere advice. I was able to touch on some of the points from your advice.

I will contact all-about-psychology website for any queries in future.....

Thanks again.

Time for some self-reflection
by: Mom of 2, Master of Education with a Bachelor in Psychology

Its time for some self-reflection. Although I suspect you've talked to others about these thoughts and they have posed the same questions I am about to, I thought I'd ask them anyway -- just in case, you're too afraid to bring these thoughts up with those you know, love and trust.

Are you experiencing any anxiety? Are you stressed about something? Have you been bothered by any specific and recent events in your life, no matter how trivial they may seem? During the thoughts are you excited, feeling impulsive, mad, etc.? What emotions, if any, are you experiencing during the thoughts? And, what about after the thoughts have come and gone . . . are you weirded out by the thoughts? Are you relieved to have not complied with the thoughts? Do you get a "rush" from having the thoughts? Also, could a change in your diet, enviornment, medications, lifestyle, etc. be causing a fluctuation in your hormones?

Your answers to the questions above may help you better understand why you are having such thoughts. Further, having such thoughts does not mean that you are "psychologically weak", nor does it mean you are a bad person in anyway. Please do not allow these random thoughts to become a vicious cycle of self-doubt and self-loathing, as that would only make whatever it is that you're going through all the more difficult.

However, if you can, I would certainly seek out the advice and guidance of a professional psychologist and/or psychiatrist -- just for reassurement and further insight, if nothing else.

I wish you all the best!

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