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Type A personality

by Adeania

Photo Credit: cheesy42

Photo Credit: cheesy42

Hello, I am married to a man I think has a Type a personalty. His behavior mathces most all of the patterns but he has some that seem to be outside the norm and I would like to speak to someone to see if there is something to be concerned about.

His symptoms as I call them consist of being a know it all, cannot handle being wrong at anytime, lazy, aggressive, but not aggressive to another grown man only women and children, will go to any lengths to show another person up, eats fast, overweight somewhat, stresses about everything but does not discuss anything, acts like there is no problems until it suits him to bring it up, acuses me of an afair when there has been no chance or ability, flirts with all women and girls, gemini personality crutch user, and is seriously driving me nuts I think help!!!

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