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Thought Disorder

by Anonymous

I was just told my son (almost 21) that he has emerging thought disorder and I can't find any information on this subject. Can anyone explain this one to me?

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thought disorder
by: kathy

You might want to ask your son exactly what he means by that...he was obviously making an attempt to talk to you about some issues he is having...sometimes the label is not as important as knowing what he is experiencing...then go from he having violent thoughts? sexual thoughts? suicidal thoughts? He may need help, medication,counselling and/or tools to aid him in controlling whatever thoughts are emerging.

DSM-IV a good source. What else can you tell us?.
by: Anonymous

The best place to start getting info is the DSM - IV manual. My general understanding is that is the inability of a person to control thoughts as they come to mind and in turn they become obsessed with the thought and cannot focus on what is happening at any given moment. The emerging thought makes it very difficult to move on.

I work with a young male boy who has this as his diagnosis. I would be very interested in further information. Is it true that this is associated with later development of schizophrenia?

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