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The Law of Attraction

by Claire

Photo Credit: Eleaf

Photo Credit: Eleaf

Hi, I'm a 38 year old female that is professionally successful and that has been consistently told that is physically and personally attractive throughout my life.

My problem lies in that I am unvariably attracted to the kind of man that doesn't find me so and vice versa. I've had a lot of suitors but rarely feel attracted to them in return.

The reasons I don't feel attracted to a man are mainly for what I believe are "sensorial" and "typological" reasons; not necessarily because of traditional good looks, and I feel the same happens to someone I fancy when I discover they are not attracted to me, for lack of other reasons.

I used to believe it was due to the traumatic divorce and relationship with my parents, that left me with a very low self esteem, but I now feel I have overcome that but the same pattern repeats itself over and over again.

I've also tried to reason that my upbringing left me unable to love unconditionally and most of all, receive love in return, hence my persistance in falling for the type of man that I already subconciously sense will not reciprocate.

Are there any studies on this matter that could enlighten my awareness?

I've also read that people subconsciously choose as their partner someone that is compatible in genetical terms to produce the best offspring, with the sense of smell having a part to play.

I appreciate your answer. Many thanks.

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