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Talking To Yourself

by Beba

I`m 22 years old. I go to university. I want to know why I spend a lot of time imagining that I talking to somebody else, but in reality I`m talking with my self in my head.

I really imagine talking and I get answers and quetions from the other person that I imagine that I`m talking to. In reality I would not speak to those people about this things that I talk to them in my head.

I enjoy those talks in my head because they help me to realise some things about my self, but when I get in contact with people, because of these things, I don`t talk, I feel stupid with no selfconfidance, or depressed, I would rather just stay in silence.

This is a big problem for me, I can`t focus on studying and I can`t concentrate. It`s like I reallyy need to talk with the person but I would rather not, and then I just imagine that I have told them what I want to say to them, or sometimes, I just write down my thoughts. But there are too many thoughts in my head,and I need to focus on studying but I can't!

Please give me some advice, I can`t stand this anymore.

Thank you!

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