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Sports Psychology Degree

by Simona

Photo Credit: Davi Sommerfeld

Photo Credit: Davi Sommerfeld

I need some advice. I have been searching for 3 days already for a Bachelor´s (undergraduate) degree in sports and exercise psychology in Europe, but NOT the UK. So I was wondering if maybe anybody knows about a university in the European Union offering a sports psychology bachelor's degree?

Or do I have to study general psychology first? Because I could only find master´s degrees not bachelor´s. There aren´t even a lot of degrees in general psychology in English outside the UK.

Could anybody maybe suggest something or at least point me to a country with a good psychology school? Thank you for your time.

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Sport Psychology
by: Panos Zahariadis

There is no BSc in sport and exercise psychology.
You should study general psychology or physical education first and then specialize in sport psychology by an MSc or PhD.

Apart from UK there are several countries offering such programmes. Try in Germany, Scandinavian countries, France etc. However UK has to offer the most because it keeps a world known sport psychology tradition.

I Myself have studied physical education and had an MSc, Phd and PostDoc in sport and exercise psychology and pedagogy.

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