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Socially Awkward

by David

Photo Credit: Ricardo Motti

Photo Credit: Ricardo Motti

I'm a 24 year old male, always stressed out about something, be it school, money or relationships, but I have issues with remembering...mainly the sequence of events. I am socially awkward (EXTREMELY), shy.

I get very nervous when I speak to people I don't know, I hate being in large crowds (6 or more), I find myself stuttering like a fool, my palms sweet, and I can't hold a conversation for the life of me, when I try to explain myself, it just doesn't come out correctly. It's like I'm speaking the way a person who has ADHD writes.

I feel as if someone is standing on top of my chest and can't breath. Sometimes I experience a numbness sensation in my head (like when your foot falls asleep) but only lasts for few minutes. Please Help.

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Don't underestimate yourself :)
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you have social anxiety. I have it too, for a long time i didnt know i even had it. First i went to a support group which did help, but i also went to cognitive behavioural therapy which helped a lot more. I still have my moments where i will get nervous or i'll get myself into a rut and start thinking that nobody likes me. But i have to stop myself and put things in perspective.
Its hard but you can do it, even if you dont get where you really want to be you can definitely feel better than what you do now. Trust me!

This is one exercise which helped me, whenever you are worried about something take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the center. On the top of one side write 'for' and on the other side write 'against' and write arguments for both sides. The thing is only you are only allowed us facts, thoughts and feelings go out the window. Its a way of showing you that the thoughts and emotions are what makes us feel upset, we jump to conclusions and dont look at the real facts. Its better to write it down the first couple of times. But i do it in my head now! Really hope this helps! :)

Social phobia

When reading your text, a link to "Social phobia" appears below it, so you might already know about this. If not: What you describe sounds a lot like social phobia, which can be resolved by psychotherapy.

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