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Social Shyness

by Anonymous

I am 16 years old, and I am somewhat of a shy person. I am with my friends often, but even around them I am somewhat shy. I am afraid to say much in fear of being made fun of or insulted. I don't want to be thought of as weak, but by not speaking I feel like I am hindering the relationships that could grow to be much more.

Any advice?

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Social Phobia

Comments for Social Shyness

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they are just like you in their own way...
by: Anonymous

You have to realize that they are just like you in their own way, they just know how to overcome it better.... I myself was like this when I was younger, in time I overcame my shyness and now I talk to

Ok next time you're around your friends in your mind tell yourself if they were to make fun of me I could do the same, but I don't I'm better then that...(example )..say someone say something hurtful or their busting your chops, if you don't know what to say...say something like "Ok you done now" and they will probably say yes or no; if yes then you say good I thought you would never stop and then laugh...they will want to laugh...if they say no, you could say, come on now you can do better then that or here he or she goes.

Again laugh and always say these words or what ever. Words you come up with in a happy positive way and smile...In doing so you won't be thinking about being shy or not knowing what to say.

social shyness
by: Anonymous

Just learn to be able to laugh at yourself when you mess up. This will terminate the fear of being insulted if you mess up. No one is perfect, everyone will studder a few times.

Social advice
by: Gaurav

I'm also just like you. I'm a 19 year old boy. When I come out of my room or hostel and meet people around me, I get frustrated and confused about what to do or say. At the moment, when I feel shy, I think on my mind that I AM THE BEST AND I AM UNIQUE. Whatever people think about me, but I'm what I am and I will always be the same. So in my opinion, you don't need to be shy. Everyone is the same. Everyone has one heart, one soul, one body and so on. And one important thing, people do Not have much time to think much of you. They don't think about you that what you are wearing or How you walk or what your complexion is. Because they have no time. Spend some time in front of mirror and talk to your self because in the world, people spend so much time meeting others but never spend a bit of time on themselves.

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