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Sibling Communication

by BJ Saville
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Photo Credit: AJC1

Photo Credit: AJC1

My question is about sibling communication. We are seven children and all are now passed 60 years of age. I am the middle child age 65 years old.

My older brother continually sends e-mails plus letters that always starts with "I went to college and study and taught English for many years and also know all there is to know about theology. He then goes on to say I don't talk
religion or politics.

My younger brother gets upset constantly about this as he feels that he is putting every one else in the family down as not having any brains.

Truthfully my older brother is 70 years old and really hasn't kept up with everyone elses lives and most of my brothers and sisters then not to toot their own horn.

My younger brother under me has 5 years of college, my sister has a vet degree. I have approx three years of college. Everyone of us graduated from high school which is pretty good for a family of seven children. We were brought up in Hawaii and went to Catholic school until we moved to California.


My older brother feels more intelligent then the rest of us? Maybe he doesn't even realize it bothers my younger brother. Why is my younger brother so offended?

What's it all about?

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