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Self-Esteem in Infertile Couples

by Gharaei

Photo Credit: Stacy Lynn Baum

Photo Credit: Stacy Lynn Baum

I am psychologist interested in research on infertile couples. I would be grateful if anybody could guide me on how I can get more references on this topic. I would like to access research papers on self-esteem in infertile couples who are considering adoption and who are not considering adoption.

Thanks for your kind help with this.

All About Psychology Reply

Hi Gharaei,

It might be worth trying to get hold of the following research papers.

Long-term infertile couples: a study of their well-being

Helping Infertile Couples Explore the Option of Adoption

"Adoption practices among couples with secondary infertility in Karachi: a triangulation study design." You can get hold of this paper in full for free by clicking here.

Hope this helps and all the very best with the research.

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