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Self Reflection

by Megan

Photo Credit: Redskynight

Photo Credit: Redskynight

I would like to find out how my life experiences have affected me. I was raised by my single mother who has had 4 long term complicated relationship and had children throughtout my life none of which are in contact with us, even my step dad.

I wouldn't consider myself poor but have difficulty accepting that I don't have as much as I would like. Alot of girls I socialise with are fortunate to have both parents that have a good income, support, and relationships...I seem to be finding it difficult to accept help from others and learn the hard way

I am quote lucky to be attractive (although some may call me shallow) I had had good relationships and bad but I always seem to get bored eventually and find it hard to commit. I have trouble letting my guard down and trusting people due to my bad relationships in the past my ex-would constanly call me a "cold" person as I am not very affectionate.

Recently I have been trying to recognise and deal with my issues and I would just like to know whyIi have some what inferior issues, find guys that can't 100% commit more attractive and then tend to get hurt when they dont want anything serious.

Thanks for taking the time out to reply x

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