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Scoring manuals for the basic empathy scale

I'm a psychology student currently doing a research paper. I wondered if anybody could tell me how I could get hold of the scoring manuals for the following psychological scale.

Basic empathy scale in adolescents by Jolliffe and Farrington 2006.

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Try These
by: Genta Shabani

As a psychology student conducting research, accessing scoring manuals for specific psychological scales can be a crucial part of your study. However, obtaining these materials might require some effort and adherence to copyright and ethical guidelines. Here are some steps you can consider to try and access the scoring manual for the "Basic Empathy Scale in Adolescents" by Jolliffe and Farrington (2006):

Contact the Authors: Reach out to the authors of the scale, Jolliffe and Farrington, directly via email or through their academic affiliations. Politely explain your research interest and request access to the scoring manual. Some researchers may be willing to share their materials with fellow scholars, especially if it's for academic purposes.

Check Institutional Databases: Many universities and research institutions have subscriptions to academic databases and publishing platforms. Check if your educational institution has access to databases that host psychological scales and their scoring manuals. Websites like PsycINFO, PsycTESTS, or ResearchGate might be helpful.

Reach Out to Libraries: University libraries or other academic libraries might have copies of the scoring manual in their collection. Librarians can assist you in locating the manual or obtaining it through interlibrary loan services.

Search Online: Conduct a thorough internet search using relevant keywords like the scale's title, authors, and "scoring manual." Sometimes, authors or research institutions may have made the manual available for download on their websites or research repositories.

Contact ResearchGate Authors: If the scale's authors have a profile on ResearchGate, you can send them a request for the scoring manual through the platform's messaging system.

Ask Your Professor or Advisor: Seek guidance from your psychology professor or academic advisor. They may have access to additional resources or be familiar with the process of obtaining specific research materials.

Join Relevant Research Groups: Engage with online forums or social media groups related to psychology research. Sometimes, researchers share resources or may be able to assist you in accessing the scoring manual.

Remember that scoring manuals and psychological scales are often protected by copyright, and it's crucial to adhere to ethical guidelines in using and distributing these materials. Always provide proper attribution and cite the source appropriately in your research paper.

If you encounter challenges in accessing the scoring manual, don't get discouraged. Research can involve some hurdles, but perseverance and resourcefulness can lead to success. Good luck with your research paper, and I hope you find the materials you need to support your study!

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