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Risk Psychology

by David

Photo Credit: Marcus Smith

Photo Credit: Marcus Smith

My wife recently decided to get a motorcyle licence. She did not tell me about it just did it. When I found out about it I told her I did not want her to ride or have a motorcycle because of all the people I knew who were hurt or killed on them.

So without telling me she bought a Harley Davidson and told everyone else but me. I found out from my son. I talked to her asked her to get rid of it before it was to late. I offered to buy her a convertible car or take her on a trip to Hawaii, she said no.

I am not able to drive one and do not want to. Now I dred sunny days & weekends when I know she might be riding. There are so many poeple in cars talking on cell phones not watching for motorcycles.

She rides with her girl friend and relatives. Is this a fad that she will get tired of? How can I convince her the ride is not worth the risk of injury or death? she is 48 yrs, old enough to know better.

Am I the only husband to have this problem? Should I get life insurance on her? What about reverse psychology? Take an interest in cycles maybe she might get bored.

Signed worried, lonesome and potential widower.

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by: Rhasheeda Davis

I think you should tell your wife to think about the family. She's just thinking about herself right now. You should tell her about everyone who will be affected. Children, friends, YOU, family. Just tell her to think about those things. You should also tell her that she has WAY TOO MUCH to lose to be making decisions like that.

Hope this helps!! :)

Midlife Crisis?
by: Anonymous

Your wife is having a midlife crisis and probably is being pressured to ride motorcycles by her friends and relatives. Some women like the risk , clothes and the viberation they get when riding cycles.

They dont think about how vulnerable they are on a cycle. From cars, animals on road and poor road conditions to name a few things to avoid. My advice is to tell her about all the poeple who benefit from her riding motorcycles. The motorcycle companies, clothing stores, hospitals, poeple on doner lists and funeral homes.

This might change her mind. If not get the life insurance on her and hope she doesn't suffer.

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