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Photo Credit: Xeeliz

Photo Credit: Xeeliz

I'm pretty much convinced my dad had some kind of mental illness he had a major drinking problem for about 20 years and I alway's figured that was why he would act the way he would but he's now been sober for years and his extreme behavior is still the same.

My dad is very quick to get angry over things most people would consider trivial (i.e computer games or another common fight is when he's trying to explain to someone how to do things.) When he gets angry there is no getting through to him there's no reasoning & you really can't even just ignore the situation and not say anything or walk away because he'll still continue to pursue you and the fight but kind of in a way where he's convinced the other person is keeping it going. I am usually not a part of his target just an observer but from an outside point of view It seems like there might be a screw or two loose I've seen my dad try to jump out of my car & my stepmoms car when he gets frustrated.

It's very normal for me to find him sitting infront of the computer for hours with his sunglasses on very unresponsive if i say hi i really dont know whats going on or why he acts like that but it's not uncommon to find him like that so i just go about my business and don't ask questions. my dad talks about how he shouldn't be alive & has had some suicidal behavior which may or may not have been fake.

He really refuses to acknowledge when he's out of line so he kind of fakes (in my opionion) like he's having chest pains or some kind or pain so that instead of him having to acknowledge his bad behavior you now feel bad for him (well i don't because i've seen him have enough of these "heart attacks" to just ignore it.) or sometimes instead of that he'll get overly emotional crying especially after he's been rude to his girlfriend and she's now mad at him.

My dad can really go from zero to twenty so fast and there's no reasoning he'll throw tables, chairs, coffee etc. but then not take responsibility and say things like "you made me do it." his daily life consist of work & the computer it's normal for him to not shower, brush his teeth, clean or grocery shop for weeks and things on the computer really get him worked up for example his internet friends that he's never met really get him angry or excited but there's not a lot of real life interaction going on.

We have a very small house so i pretty much hear most of whats going on for example my bedroom wall shares the same wall as the computer (where he spends most of his time) and it's not unusual for there to be slamming and things falling off my wall while i know no one else is in the same room as my dad. my dad usually comes up with an excuse as to why he "accidently" hung up on his girlfriend five times or why there's coffee all over the walls and a broken glass. people at his work that i've met say he's one of the nicest people & he's kinda a pushover at work but then when it comes to people closest we obviously see a very different person.

I don't understand the syptoms of being so withdrawn in his own wierd world walking around the house with sunglasses on very somber and but then very quick to get angry and break things. WHAT IS GOING ON?

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