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Photo Credit: Mac(3)

Photo Credit: Mac(3)

The field of psychoneuroimmunology studies what?

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Western version of Medical Qigong
by: HealingMindN

So, the western minds are finally catching on to the old ways of self help through energy breath work and meditation.

The far east silk road brought us the wisdom of siddhas, vedics, and buddhas, to China, Japan, Korea and beyond where the martial arts masters, qigong medical practitioners, scholarly practitioners, and religious qigong artists all learned that the mind is key not only to one's health, but internal alchemy for raising one's consciousness and spirit towards enlightenment.

The western minds are doing the best they can to adopt and take advantage of the ancient concepts, but it's like a lot of Taijiquan instruction that's only being taught for health. Health is a fringe benefit of Taijiquan. The real goal is mastery of your energy (the chi) and that of your surroundings.

The real goal is the enlightenment of humanity. Psychoneuroimmunology is but a stepping stone to the real goal of internal alchemy.

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