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Psychology of Touch

by Tom

Photo Credit:  Tyler

Photo Credit: Tyler

Hello there. First of all a short intro of me;

I'm a 26 year old dude from Norway. I'm 183 cm and 110 kg. Meaning I'm heavy build guy but with a somewhat fair amount of muscles. Not ugly nor good looking.

My job is irrelevant and so is my education for this question. I'm comfortable in my own skin. Heterosexual. Known to be cocky-funny, laid-back, kind hearted and a trusted friend.

The situation:

When I'm at at a social gathering like a party. I often sit on a chair and talk random and casualy to the people present. We joke, laugh and have fun. And always 10-20 times during the party people who walk by me pat my back, lay a hand or two on my shoulders, puts a hand on my head for a short time etc. Both guys and girls do this. Both loudspeaking and silent people.

The touch is always soft and done in a way that feel friendly. The touch is almost casual and lasts only for a couple of seconds but it is almost always done only to me. Almost never have I seen people do this to the other people present in the room.

I have been kissed on almost every inch of my head by both boys and girls who walk by me and I always return the gesture with a smile or a small laugher depending on wheter it is a male or a female kissing ;-)

I never feel intimidated by this nor the people doing it and they do it regardless of anyone looking at me/them.


Why do they do this? Is it some sort of approval? Is it some sort of trying to alpha-male me? Intimidate me? Do they want to show that they like me being there?

I ask because people have been like this to me atleast the last 10 years of my life. An I'm interested in the social mechanics behind it.

Thank you in advance! =)

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by: Anonymous

It might just be that you look friendly.

This happens to me sometimes, and I think it's because I have a kind of round face and it always looks like I'm about to smile...

Enjoy it! :)

by the hand of god.
by: Thomas

you are blessed. people like you.

interesting situation, seemingly, being singled out for affection.

perhaps your size? the genital giant. patting you to insure not to anger the giant.

the only other scenario that I can think of would be sympathy. you don't sound like that guy.

did something change for you 10 years ago?

ride the wave. receiving and also being receptive to affection is win win.

take pride. your the guy that others want to be.

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