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Psychology of Stealing

by Ram

Photo Credit:  Ryancr

Photo Credit: Ryancr

I am 22 years old and I know that stealing is bad habit but I used to steal money to fulfill my simple wishes. I Have been stealing money since I was 12 years old.

I used to steal money from my close relatives but I never stole money from other people due to the reputation of my parents and guardians.

What should I do to remove my habits? Whats the term called in psychology for my habits? Steling has given me a lot of problems.

Please answer me!

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It's true... you need help
by: Michelle

I agree with the other person who commented on your post. You need help. If you are asking for help and you call it a bad habit... then you need help. You should seek counseling and even talk to those you stole from. If your family didn't have a reputation to keep up, you probably would steal from other people.

Just like what the other person said, you didn't talk about remorse. Do you even feel bad about it? I don't know how often you do this and what the amounts are... but stealing is BAD!!

I'm not judging you.

get help
by: Anonymous

You say it has caused you problems but don't say anything about remorse or the effects on others? You will probably find people around you know you steal and don't trust you/feel violated. It's never too late to change!

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