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Psychology of Regret

by Sam

Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee

Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee

I'm a 41 years old male, married have 2 sons and a charming wife. Off late some memories of my past sweep past me as though they happened just yesterday. Like I always wanted to become a sportsperson but could not, so when I saw my friends old picture of him playing hockey, immediately I started feeling bad that I was not able to achieve that in life.

Similarly when I see a group of boys and girls chatting away friendly, my memories take me back to my adolescent age when my parents were catholic and very strict and forced me not to speak to any girl etc. My mind immediately thinks that I have missed something and this experience is like it happened yesterday.

When I see someone driving a fancy car I immediately relate my low income condition to that. Why do I always have to relate everything to myself?

How do I avoid these negative triggers? Is my mental state better known by some technical name?

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