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Psychology of Love

by Anonymous

Photo Credit: Regan Walsh

Photo Credit: Regan Walsh

Why is it that you have to love yourself first to love others? I do understand that we need to be able to be comfortable with ourselves and feel that we derserve the love. However, what if we are insecure, not doubting but insecure about a relationship.

Say, you love someone with all your heart but even though you know that person loves you, you just want to ask yourself, why does he/she love me or you feel that you are boring and that the person you love doesn't deserve you and you can't be sure until you know that the person truly loves you for who you are.

There's even a lyric that says "now that you love me, I love myself". So is it that the person will hate you for having a low self-esteem? This doesn't make sense to me. Of course you can't wait for someone to make you feel better about yourself but then again, you're thinking about what the other person deserves cause you love him/her and you care about him/her.

Don't you think true love is when he/she accepts you for who you are and then gradually you realize why he/she loves you and you won't change for anyone accept for the better? I don't get it, what exactly do you imply by saying "you must love yourself in order to love"?

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Psychology of Love
by: Anonymous

Truth is to truly love others, you must love yourself. You must believe you are worthy of love in order to fully give your love to someone else.
Finding your true unconditional love means finding the true you.

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