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Psychology of Jealousy

by Anonymous

Photo Credit: Sea Turtle

Photo Credit: Sea Turtle

Is it normal for a mother to feel jealous of her son's girlfriend or wife?

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years, when we first got together, my boyfriends mother and I bonded very quickly and became very close. We would stay up all night long drinking, and or talking about everything.

It didn't seem she disliked me or anything up until about a year ago. She has never said she disliked me, but she just seems jealous of me, and I feel she's constantly trying to compete against me. Its not as if she's jealous of my realationship with her son as much as she's jealous of me, or my life.

I dont get it! She is constantly negative and I feel she is beating me down emotionally. She makes me feel horrible about myself, and I now notice every single flaw about myself inside and out.

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