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Psychology of Emotion

by Sophia

Photo Credit: MarS

Photo Credit: MarS

Hi. Recently, I've been experiencing random and irrational hate directed towards a teacher of mine. She has not offended me in any way, but I am surprised to find that I dislike her immensely even if she doesn't interact with me at all.

I'm having a hard time understanding my emotions because they are (when it comes to that particular person) completely random and sudden which leaves me wondering why I even dislike her in the first place. I'm wondering if this is some psychological issue or problem that's affecting me this way.

There is nothing wrong about my teacher at all, and she treats the class politely and nicely, sometimes joking and being casual with us from time to time, and yet I don't feel like I like her very much.

It's puzzling me. What's wrong with me?

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