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by EKA

Photo Credit: patparslow

Photo Credit: patparslow

My boss is extremely impatient and he is the worst communicator I have ever met. He gets frustrated when others do not fully understand something he is explaining (which is usually not much of an explanation).

During discussions he frequently starts using the name of the person he is trying to clarify something to as if they are not listening to him. Even if the person is listening or asking questions becuase they want to learn, he often starts out "But Mike, it's this way...." "Look, Mike,..." "okay, Mike, you have to look at it like this". This happens over and over in the conversation unless the person he's talking to understands him right away before he even starts.

He will say this over and over again even if you are the only one in the room and it is completely clear who he is talking too.

It's very strange and feels demeaning to me. I don't know why he does this. It seems like a control thing but I would like to understand it more.

Does anyone know what this habit is about and how someone might casually curb him from doing it? Other than standing up and screaming "WHAT? I'M RIGHT HERE!!!", I can't figure out how to break him of it.

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