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Psychological Problem

by Sandeep Kandale
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Photo Credit: Picture Perfect Pose

Photo Credit: Picture Perfect Pose

Hi. I am Sandeep Kandale living in India. From last couple of months (Years I should say) I am facing some psychological problem. Whenever I come to know that it is harmful for my health, I get over cautious. Giving couple of examples

1) When I was working with a chemical related company, I heard somewhere that chemicals are harmful for your health. So it fitted in my mind. After that I started avoiding to touch chemicals which was part of my job, even if I touched it by mistake, I wash my hands. Then I never use those cloths which I used for the job. Even I am still doing it.

2) When I heard that pets carries lot of germs on their skin and hairs, I started avoiding them. If I touched them, again I wash my hand till my mental satisfaction, even after sometime if I remember that I forgot to wash one part of the body, I again wash my hand. Also, if someone else is playing with pets, I avoid them. And I am still doing it

3) Latest case is of Swine-Flu. My city is worst hit by swine-flu in India. So when I heard that it spread in the air and by human to human contact, I got over cautious. Whenever I go out of my house in public and come back, I wash my open body such as head, hands, ears and mouth. Even if someone from my family not wash hand, then I avoid their contact.

It is fixed in my mind that swine flu spreads via air. So if any things such as newspapers, plastic bags etc. comes from public, I avoid to touch them. and when others touch it, I avoid touching them also. Everyone is getting angry on me. I know I am wrong, but my mind doesn't allow me to do so.

Due to excessive hand washing my hands are getting red and dry.

How can I overcome all this?

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