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Psychological Invalidation

by Tammy

Photo Credit: Devan Goldstein

Photo Credit: Devan Goldstein

I have recently gained some insight on the literature regarding invalidation, suppression & enmeshment in childhood.

If you had a case study of a child/adolescent/adult, who is afraid to engage her mother in dialogue about certain topics. Has a fear of her mother's reactions. As an adult has insecurities surrounding self-doubt. Would this indicate she grew up with a mother of a narcissistic tendency.

I made my husband tell my mother that I was pregnant. We left our dog on my parents door step in the middle of the night, upon going to the hospital to deliver our first child, (without letting them know our whereabouts)

I asked my father to tell my mother that my husband and I were moving out of town. She was sick in bed for a couple of days after that. I didn't tell anyone for seven years that my husband cheated on me. When I did confide in my mother, her response was "OMG! who else have you told?"

These are just a few of many, just as I type to ask these questions, there is a fear, that someone is going to turn around and accuse me of being 'crazy'.

Your thoughts?

Quietly insecure;


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