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Psychological Conditioning

Photo Credit: Bixentro

Photo Credit: Bixentro

I hate noise. I am a musician and I spend most of my day surrounded by music or noise. I like to come home to quiet. The problem is, I have very noisy neighbors. They're not as noisy as one I had in another apartment, but I feel like I have conditioned myself psychologically.

Every time I heard the noise of my louder neighbor, I would get really angry. Even when he wasn't that loud. I would turn on a fan or something to drown out the sound. Now, every time I turn on the fan I hear booming bass sounds. Also, every time I hear someone playing their music louder, I get very angry.

It's causing me to not be able to sleep at night. Is it possible that I have conditioned myself? How do I get myself out of this problematic cycle? Thanks!

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