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by Anonymous

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Is there a term for a person who, no matter what the subject or circumstances, this person has "advice" to give you and argues with your own judgment and gets very annoyed?

This person gets annoyed and irritable even if you're just trying to make conversation. Everything you say is wrong. I'm having a hard time putting this into a question or words in general.

This person also seems to have OCD because no matter what they get interested in, they totally indulge themselves in it night and day and seem to want to be the world's authority on the subject. In one case, they became interested in CB radios. They sought out every used radio they could find and bought new radios using their parent's credit card number (not even the actual card, just the number that they wrote down) and charged $2000 worth of radios. They spared no expense in additional equipment and talked on the radio night and day even though there is hardly anyone left that uses these radios.

They can never keep a job because they disagree with every form of authority, i.e., they always have advice on how the job SHOULD be performed. They have alienated their parents because of borrowing large amounts of money and never repaying. At times, they can be generous and at times, they can be very selfish and self centered.

This person used to take anti-depressants but I think is off of them right now. Can anyone put a name on this type of person?

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