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Opposite of Hoarding

by Josh

Photo Credit: welovepandas

Photo Credit: welovepandas

I've seen the show and read an interesting book review in the NY Times about hoarding. My question is whether there is an opposite condition in which a person can not bear to keep items?

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Sep 22, 2011
Possession Purging
by: Kate

I have this problem. I have a need to get rid of things continuously. Sometimes, I will buy something and if I don't use it right away I will take it to Goodwill and that makes me feel good. If I can't get rid of something right away I start to obsess and I feel a sense of anxiety until I can finally get rid of it.

I do it on the computer also, I must delete emails as soon as I possibly can and I always must empty the trash before logging off or I don't feel right and I have to go back and do it. I will do other things like close my facebook account and feel a huge sense of relief afterward.

Unfortunately I will also do this with people. I will all of a sudden feel the need to cut certain people out of my life for no good reason and I feel that I must tell them so they know they are no longer able to contact me and this will also feel like it relieves my anxiety level.

I don't know if this an official disorder but it seems unnatural and like it may be a form of OCD because of the anxiety it causes and the obsessing over it that happens. I always knew there was something a bit off about the behavior and I'm just learning now that I'm not the only one out there with this problem.

Sep 04, 2011
Yes there is
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have read some time in a book about OCD about this condition. Some people get rid even of passport and id card as long as I remember in the example. You could go and ask your GP about this to get transfered to a professional. I had an OCD and it was tough. I would advice go and get checked soon and start a suitable therapy. It will be worthy.
Good luck!

Jun 06, 2011
My daughter throws tons of stuff
by: Maggie

Does not matter if is mine, or her husband's or hers she constantly comes asks me for clothes because she is out of clothes. Most of times she just stops somewhere and throws them out.

Is any cure for this disease? I really need to know. When she was in the 3rd grade, I came home and could not find any of my shoes and I had at least 20 pairs. She threw out all my shoes (summer, winter). I was not even aware she did throw my stuff until I went for walk in a park nearby and noticed stuff in the trash can that looked like my stuff: blankets, purses, even jewelry. She is almost 24 now and I cannot teach her to not follow this compulsive behavior. Does anybody know any "treatment".

Apr 01, 2011
Opposite of Hoarding
by: Anonymous

My 50 year old step-daughter is suffering from this disorder. She is also bipolar and hears voices. I came into her life when she was 18, but she never lived with me. She took on the role of the family watch guard, trying to make sure everyone else was "ok."

She was just fired from her job as an in home health care nurse due to her scattered state of mind. At this point she owns ONE set of clothing, will not sleep on a bed with sheets, will not wear a coat in winter (and refuses to own one). She throws away a box of cereal after having one bowl, a multipack of toilet paper after removing one roll, toothpaste after one use...and on and on!

She buys and returns things in rapid succession when ever she does try to go and purchase something. She has even gone to other's homes and disposed of things she had given them.

She will carry only her car key and license with her and must have a credit card in the car to charge her daily meals (since she cannot keep anything in the house). We now fear her driving at all.

We are seeking to get her into a facility convinced her brain chemistry is out of balance and I think that is due to a negligent upbringing, with alcoholic parents. She is on two meds for bipolar which are also prescribed for schizophrenia though she has not been officially diagnosed with it.

About 3 years ago, she was submitted (by her daughter) to a psych ward for a couple of weeks.

I have observed that each time she goes through a traumatic event, her symptoms escalate. Her father, my husband, died 9 months ago and she's been in a more severe tailspin since.

She will NOT discuss any of this with any one in her family. When approached she says, "I don't want to talk about this right now." Her sister is exhausted now having taken her in and wanting so badly to get her help.

I've now stepped in and have gathered information to get the help she needs, even against her will, which it is. I pray we can get her help before she hurts herself or, inadvertently, someone else. Her driving is erratic and once on the phone with me, she thought she had pulled off the road, but had actually still been sitting in traffic. Another driver knocked on her window to see why she was just sitting there and could have caused an accident or road rage incident.

Dec 20, 2010
Opposite of hoarding
by: Amy Blacker

I have this compulsion (A FEAR of stuff). When I was very young I helped clean out a deceased relatives house. It was interesting what one person thinks of as value and the next person doesn't. After family vultures cleaned out possessions with monetary value there is a lot of stuff left over. I have always lived my life this way. If I died tomorrow is 'this' trash.

I own exactly 3 pairs paints. If I buy new ones - I compulsively give away a pair. My husband is in daily fear of loosing his things to my "high" of filling up the goodwill bag. My two boys have exactly 3 drawers apiece. Since having kids, people want me to save, hair from first hair cuts. Hospital bands from delivery.. Huh?? It is overwhelming. The anxiety I get from that is too much. I need surfaces in my kitchen, even the coffee pot gets put away.

As far as mental health - i am a great friend to have when you wanna clean out your closet or garage (I can rationalize a reason to get ride of anything - Really the opposite of hoarding).

If you are looking for help,i lean on journal writing as away to remember every joyous event without having the stuff to show from it.

Nov 11, 2010
I can relate
by: Kenny

I've been looking online for the same answers. It's called obsessive-compulsive spartanism.

My girlfriend lost her job and home about 2 years ago. So she came to stay with me at my apartment where I also take care of my elderly mom. Long story short - I'm at work a lot and my mom goes to my sister's place in Florida for most of the year to help out with her kids and school. So my girlfriend took it up upon herself to "clean" up. Yeah she cleaned up alright. Never passed the vaccuum or anything like that but it took it upon herself to throw out my clothes, my mom's clothes, a lot of other items. Pictures of my deceased cat. I really got into heated arguments with her and when my mom came back they got into a fight and I'm just torn apart. Don't even know why I'm still with her. My friends say I'm too nice. I'm just trying to help her out with her situation but it's really affected me.

Sep 22, 2010
by: J

I was sure hoping there were some comments here. I'm burning up google trying to find some answers. I'm convinced this is a sign of mental illness but can't find any data on it. My mother obsessively throws things away, to everyone else's detriment. It doesn't have to be hers. Hell, she doesn't even have to know what it is! Once she came over to my apartment, decided to "help" by tidying up a bit, and threw away the shopping bag full of clothes I'd just bought that day! I really need some answers as it appears to be getting worse.

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