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Night Terrors

by Sam
(Beirut, Lebanon)

Photo Credit: Chia-Hsin Ho

Photo Credit: Chia-Hsin Ho

My friend's brother is 14 and he has nightmares of the sort that terrorize him. He can't sleep alone, so my friend always sleeps next to him and holds his hand.

She told me that if he wakes up at night and does not find her there, he will start screaming and sweating out of fear. He says that he is afraid someone will come get him.

Also, he locks his closet before he sleeps, and at one point he told her that in one of his nightmares he saw a face breathing on him from above.

I do not think this is normal for a boy his age. And I want to help him out.

I also know that his parents are often violent with him, and that they beat him. And that he has always thought of saving enough money to leave the house, but has never attempted to do so.

I am worried, but I don't know how I can help.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Night Terrors
by: Anonymous

I'd guess he's probably scared of his parents to a certain degree, at least subconsciously. I suggest you talk to your friend about the abuse and perhaps, with her friend and her brother's permission, get another adult involved in the situation for a sanctuary and cushion.

Also, you or your friend should talk to him about his fears, and GENTLY try different things to gradually ease his necessity for your friend at night.

Hope this is helpful.

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