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My boss is Driving Me Crazy! Can You Help Me Figure Her Out?

by Merv

I have a feeling this won't be easy to answer without lots of detail but here goes. My boss constantly feels the need to disagree with me. If I say it's warm outside, she'll come in and say she was chilly.

This happens quite often and I really feel they are deliberate, whether they are her true feelings or not.

Our relationship is friendly but this is starting to impact my feelings toward her, greatly. It's to the point that I only talk to her when I have to.

This woman talks constantly. I think she feels the need to hear herself talk and will talk to anyone who will listen. Sometimes, it's "guess what everyone, I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday!" She's very outgoing and always has a friendly smile on her face, always willing to help out. Has a real zest for life.

I also think she is thrilled when she knows the answers and if she doesn't, she will search the Internet until she finds it. Sometimes they are not business related but what someone else might be wondering, such as, what color is a bloodhound?

She hasn't spoken to her parents and her only other sibling in years and while she says her parents were abusive to her (but not her sibling), I feel there's more to the story.

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