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Multiple Personality

by Andrew

Photo Credit: psit

Photo Credit: psit

I feel as if I have 3 personalities that I switch from. One personality is miserable depressed basically eveything negative, the other is in the middle, the third is confident attractive lovable (everything positive) Every now and then I will switch from each personality.

I am a teenager and it's weird because when I'm the confident state no one dares to insult me actually I will usually be the one tormenting them as revenge and no matter what they say I will always have a witty thing to say and win the crowd, but when I switch into the negative state I am easily hurt and basically weak.

I'm disgusted that such a weak personality exists within me and I want to permanantly get rid of it. I want to be cured from this multiple personality thing and keep the confident one as the one and only. How do i do this? I feel like I have the key to being successful but I wont use it the negative me is not letting me use it. My life is at a standstill ferris wheel of positive neutral and negative days and weeks and its making me angry unheathily so.

I need advice on how to cure myself before I get any older and waste my life.

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Mar 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Completely normal, I promise. I'm 16 and the exact same things happen to me. Just a few minutes ago I felt like I was so happy to be myself, almost narcissistic, but then I started second-guessing myself, like I wasn't good enough and all my friends just pretended to like me...
And now I feel pretty good again!

Just hold on and ride it out. My rule of thumb is: when you're in an extreme mood (depressed or happy) don't make any long-term decisions you might regret; e.g. breaking up with someone, breaking/destroying something, etc. Just wait it out until you feel better.

Good luck!

Oct 05, 2010
Multiple Personalities
by: Anonymous

You do not have anything to worry about. You're going through what everybody go through at this time in your life. Yes, you are going to have days and times when you feel like you're on top of the world and can face anybody that has something to say to you, but on the flip side you're going to have those times when you feel like you don't measure up to your opponent.

The thing is that you are still young and you're still insecure about somethings, but as you get older your gonna be more and more assertive of your abilities and eventually the confident and positive person you want to be will be there. So when you feel that negative person come out let the positive overshadow him because the positive always win...you said so yourself.

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