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Multiple Personality Disorder

by Lu

Photo Credit: Toolmantin

Photo Credit: Toolmantin

Recently I have noticed changes in my friends memory. At first, she would appear tired and then take a nap and would wake up a couple minutes later. Then after a while, she would take a nap again. When she wakes up, she would completely forget the events in between these naps.

Now up till last night, I thought she might have multiple personality disorder. Although she acted different during those 2 naps, I thought that I shouldn't jump to conclusions. She has told me that she had went to the psychiatrist for a good 10 years of her life but she had never told me the reason. She is scared of the place and when she thinks of it she becomes really avoiding.

I confirmed my beliefs last night. While I was talking to her she fell asleep. About 15-30 seconds later, another voice appeared. It was a much higher pitch voice much that of a elementary school student. At first I thought it was just a hoax but after a while, I realized it must be real.

Since I have recently read a manga called Change123, I thought I could relate her situation to the character there. Although it may be immature, I believe I have no other basis for comparison. The twelve year old constantly complains about how she could not grow up. Also she talks about "sleeping" when the other one is awake.

She also told me that there are three of them. I believe that in the incident I wrote about above, I have seen the 3rd. Naturally I wouldn't mind about things like these. However, the twelve year old says she wants to kill the "real" one. I know she is bulimic and she generally blames it on her family problems.

She has also been complaining about hallucinations where would feel like her body is 3x the size. However, the 12 yr old version of herself says that she makes the "real" one do it. The twelve year old also says shes the cause of the "real" ones hallucinations.

From the beginning of our friendship, she has wondered and complained about random bruises on her body when she woke up. Since this incident, I believe I had found the cause. I am now concerned about her health. The alternate versions only appear when the original is extremely tired.

I am not sure how to help but I am not willing to allow others to poke needles into her and observe her. She has suffered through 10 years of therapy and I don't feel she should be put through it again. Is there anything I can do to help? As of now, I am the only one who knows of this.

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Dissociative Identity Disorder aka Multiple Personality Disorder
by: RJ

I am diagnosed as multiple and the best thing you can do for your friend is firstly find out if she wants someone to know like a doctor because that is a huge first step and being pushed into it only leads to resentment.

If she agrees to see a doctor, try to find one that is friendly and will listen. Dont expect them to understand, my doc still doesnt understand but shes accepting. If she wants to go to the doctor then offer to go along with her. She might want you to wait outside the office or go in with her.

The best thing you can do for her even if she doesnt want to go to a doctor, is to be there. Help her out whenever you can and most importantly, listen to what each personality has to say. They are individual people but all trapped in one adult body and its not fun. Try to understand her and read as much as you can on the internet.

MIND have some really useful information about DID. I hope this helps and I know for myself that if I didnt have a friend to talk to who doesnt judge me. I wouldnt be here today. So just be a friend and treat each personality as a seperate person because they are all seperate people.

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