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Misbehaving Toddler

by Geri

My daughter and her 3 year old son live with us since losing her apartment. I feel good that he has a stable environment and consistent routines as she is a single mom who goes to school full time and works part-time. I spend quality one-on-one time with him.

His school and social behaviors concern me. He doesn't listen when his teachers tell him to do things and yells at them, throws toys (split a classmate's lip the other day and screams when he's in time-out; slaps at his friends when they walk by.) At home he will not look you in the eye when you are reprimanding him and exhibits annoying and disruptive behavior when there are grown-ups talking and not paying attention to him. Otherwise, he is intellectually on target or above.

Dad has not been involved since pregnancy although a boyfriend was there the second half of pregnancy through 1 year old.

MY QUESTION: Is it time for pro help, can WE do something or is this just the TERRIBLE THREES?


I would get a puppy or kitten to try to help with being gentle. He might want more attention from his mother. Maybe go for walks and get him to talk about what he sees and feels outside. Also allow only appropriate tv shows. Maybe leapfrog, peeps big wide world, or bob the builder. My son loves blues clues. Could also try having him help make cookies or something while they talk. Something easy that he gets rewarded for. (Christian Delp)

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