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Mental Disorder?

by Kell

Photo Credit:  Xeeliz

Photo Credit: Xeeliz

My now 19 year old daughter, picked up and moved out of our home when she was 16. With the help of her father who she had not be in contact with for 13 years. He moved her out while I was at work. I come home to a note and an empty bedroom.

She was there for about 4 months when he sent her back home to me. He has 6 other children and didn't like the fact that my daughter was a lesbian. She stayed with me for a short while but did not want to live with me so we made arrangements with a good friend of mine for her to live with them.

She stayed only a short while, my daughter up and moved out again while no one was at home and went back to her fathers house, to live for a short while in his basement. From there she moved in with friends in an apartment, the place was a dump. Stayed for a while and then found an apt with her girlfriend, that lasted about 6 months and then she moved out of there into a family friends house and was asked to leave. She is moving once again.

I have had to to several doctors and a therapist. I'm not getting the help I need. My daughter is currently on effexor for depression. Can someone please tell me why she can't stay put and settle down? Is this indicative of some sort of mental disorder?

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