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10 Memes Psychology Students Will Love

10 More Memes Psychology Students Will Love

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  1. David Lykken: Today in the History of Psychology (18th June 1928)

    Jun 18, 18 10:00 AM

    David Lykken was born. A brilliant researcher and academic, Lykken was renowned for his groundbreaking work across a range of topic areas; including, psychophysiology, lie detection, twin research, an…

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  2. The Psychological Functions of Music Listening

    Jun 18, 18 07:33 AM

    The psychological functions of music listening is a fascinating article about why people listen to music.

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  3. Social Psychology Information and Resources

    Jun 18, 18 07:29 AM

    Social psychology: Learn all about the fascinating branch of psychology devoted to the study of how social factors influence people's thinking, feelings, and behaviors.

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